Can I add your story to the "good story" list?
I can relate---I kept all mine together when one of my 6, Momcat, tested
negative while all the others tested positive. It would have been much
too stressful for her to separate her from her buddies. She remained
negative, and one of the other 5, Mickey, later re-tested negative also.
(The other 4 eventually succumbed to the leukemia.) 
I hope your friend's Sass settled into his new environment without too
much separation angst?


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Interacting can also be a problem for the immune compromised feline
leukemia positive cat. That kitty can pick up things from the other cats
and not be able to fight them off. If I hadopted or rescued a FeLV
positive cat, I would not comingle but I might try to find him a friend
as long as the friend didn't stress him/her. I know others here do
If I found out one of my existing cats was positive, I wouldn't change
things and they would all continue to live together. In the past,
whenever I have brought a new cat in, I have made certain our feleuk
vaccinations were current. I am not a fan of those vaccinations because
of VAS so I don't think I would vaccinate for that my vet
thinks the first series of feleuk vaccinations is enough protection for
life. This is just my opinion and experience. Others who have co mingled
are a better source of advice and information.
My friend had Sass, a negative, in with a group of positives. Sass was
not vaccinated for FeLV because she thought he was positive. They all
lived together and after 5 years my friend wondered why Sass never got
sick when the others did. She (re?)tested him and found out he was
negative. That was over 5 years ago. He was removed from the room at the
time and is still alive and well!

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        Sue, I am the least qualified to answer this, but I would think
that if Buzz has his own litter box and his own food dish the risk would
be small.  Of course you wouldn't want them fighting either. I too have
read that the vaccine is not totally effective but I think 60 to 80%
effectiveness is better than 0.   He may not even want to be involved
with the other cats.  My two want nothing to do with each other.  Why
not at least have supervised interaction while you're home with them.
Yeah I know about the minor full time job and family details.  I feel
like a neglective mother to my sick child at times.

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                Several people here have said that they have their FeLV
+ kitties living in with FeLV -  cats, and the negative cats are not
getting infected.  I am trying to decide if I should vaccinate my others
and let Buzz out of his room.  My vet is against it and says the
vaccinations are only 60 - 80% effective.  The vet does not seem to be
up on all that is going on with FeLV, though, and I am considering
switching vets.  Buzz really doesn't,t mind his room, but he is a social
boy and cries when he doesn't want to be alone.  I visit him as often as
I can and spend at least an hour or so in the evenings in with him, but
such minor details as a full time job and the rest of my human and cat
family keep me away from being with him as much as he and I would like.
It seems as if vaccinating the others and freeing Buzz from his prison
room is the best solution, but not if any of the others end up being
infected.  Their ages range from 2 to 8 years.  Two of them, Charlie and
Tucker have other health problems and I don't know if that would put
them more at risk.  Anyway, has anyone ever heard of a vaccinated cat
being infected?
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