Well, BooBoo is still with us for the time being anyway.  My husband took him 
in this morning with the instructions to help him, not destroy him so the vet 
removed 16 ml of fluid from his chest and sent him home with a prescription for 
Lasix.  Bob said he saw his xray and his organs were obscured by the fluid.  
The vet said we'd know better by the end of the week how well it is working.  
He's also scheduled to go back next Tuesday for further aspiration if it is 
necessary.  The vet told my husband he knew I didn't want to let him go but 
told Bob he was at the end stage.  Bob tells me BooBoo has filled the litter 
box with pee this afternoon after the dose of Lasix so I'm hopeful and his 
breathing has definitely improved.  When they got home Bob took him up to bed, 
came downstairs and there was BooBoo following behind.  He then tore into the 
stairs before boinging up to bed.  This from a little guy who was at death's 
door early this morning.  The vet is going to get back to us with the analysis 
of the fluid.  I don't know what difference that will make.  My boss is away 
tomorrow so I am taking the day off to spend with my "boys".  I don't want to 
become too optimistic but today is definitely better than yesterday.


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