Has anyone suggested getting Duchess vaccinated against FeLV and offering these 
people assistance in placing Tommy while they foster him?

Kelley Saveika <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:    Feline Leukemia Kitty Needs Home
Tommy is a one-year-old orange and white Tabby that came to our apartment on a 
cold and rainy night 5 weeks ago. His cry from being cold, wet and hungry 
filled the silence of the night. When I picked him up I could feel his bones 
and ribs, took him inside and fed him immediately. We opened our home and heart 
to him and he rewarded us with smiles and a gentle kind nature. Duchess, our 
housecat and previous stray, tolerated him but wasn't too happy to share her 
things with him. He humbly accepted his subservient role as houseguest. Last 
week our vet informed us that Tommy was positive for the FELV virus and 
suggested euthanasia. We were shocked and devastated. He shows no signs of 
being sick and we were told he couldn't be around Duchess our housecat anymore. 
We are retired and live in a 1-bedroom apartment here in east Texas and have no 
extra room to confine Tommy while we find him a new home. He is being housed at 
the vets in quarantine and time is running out for him.
 Tommy is not neutered yet but otherwise seems to be in good health since we 
took him in. We love this beautiful, playful little doll and are heartsick over 
this latest death sentence. People aren't put to sleep for having a chronic 
illness so why are these innocent beautiful babies abandoned because they 
aren't in perfect health? I've cried buckets of tears for our Tommy, and tried 
for a week to find him a home as his time on this earth is running out. Please, 
if anyone out there knows who we can contact to rescue Tommy, please contact us 
immediately. He has been confined and isolated in this cage for a week now and 
doesn't understand why this is all happening to him! 
  Any information for our beloved Tommy would be so appreciated. 
  Contact: Ann or Lois Jackson at: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 


  I know Sheila is the closest, but has already turned down this kitty.  THey 
obviously love this kitty and I hope some help can be found for them.   Of 
course the vet sounds incompetent, to begin with....anyway a little help?  I'll 
be out of pocket til much later in the day...



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Please help Clarissa!



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