Well my BooBoo is at the vets.  There is a different guy on today but our 
regular vet called while Boo was being examined, apparently worried about him 
and giving advice to this new fellow.  He has to have more fluid removed but 
this vet said his heart beat was very audible today so it isn't as bad as the 
last time.  I guess this is what we'll be doing from here on when he appears to 
be having difficulty breathing.  Being on Lasix long term is not an option due 
to dehydration.  The vet showed us his gums and how when he pushed on them they 
turned pink which according to him is a good sign. For some reason I thought he 
only had 16 cc of fluid removed last time but it was 65 cc an awful lot for a 
little guy.  He enjoyed the drive there this morning.  We didn't put him in his 
cat taxi, just let him sit in the back seat of the van.  He has to stay there 
for an hour or so to be monitored, which of course worries me.  Last time when 
Dr. Gill did this he got to come home immediately.  I need to call my dad today 
and ask for money.  This is kind of breaking the bank here.  I know he will be 
more than happy to contribute to the "BooBoo leukemia fund" and he can 
certainly afford it.

Have a wonderful Sunday folks, you and your babies.

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