Firstly, thankyou to everyone who responded and for the advice thusfar. Milli's 
diahrea is getting better with Neorase and probiotics, etc..
I've gotten 5 of the 7 new ones tested and they've all come back FeLV+. 5 are 
housed together and the other 2 are each in their own rooms. I have 8 immune 
challenged cats of my own (some of which are permanent fosters) and am a little 
worried now. 
What precautions do I have to take? Is FeLV extremely contagious? My dishwasher 
has a sani cycle which I've been using. Does sanitizing kill the virus? Is it 
easily spread on clothes? How close does the contact have to be between cats? 
How long does the virus live outside the body?
Lance, how much DMG do you give? I have some for my HCM kitty. 
I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Does anyone know where I can get Transfer 
Factor? No naturpath, etc. here seems to have heard of it.
I'm way over my head here. Please give me as much advice (even if it sounds 
simple) as you can.

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