>From everything I've read, the virus is extremely fragile. It can only
live outside
of a cat for, at most, a few minutes. I think I read that it can hold
in water for longer, so I make sure I don't drop any water when I'm
bowls. Unless, the cats are sneezing like crazy, I doubt any of it would
end up
on your clothes for long enough to cause concerns for your other cats. 

I give Ember the recommended dose of DMG from Vetri-Science' packaging.
I think it's .5 ml. Not sure about that. I've read that, for FeLV+ cats,
the dose
should be doubled. I only read that one place, though, so I haven't
followed through.

For Transfer Factor, I think you'd be best served by contacting the
company, 4Life. 
The web site is: <http://www.4life.com>

I don't know if I said this, but with diarrhea, I've given Ember raw
canned pumpkin
(NOT pumpkin pie filler). She will just eat it up, without even stirring
it into food. 
I've been told that the best way to give pumpkin is to stir a tablespoon
(or so) into
canned food. 

I hope Milli's diarrhea goes away soon, and that the other FeLV+ cats
are able
to fight off the virus.



On Tue, 26 Feb 2008 22:03:14 -0700, "whocares whocares"
> Hi,
> Firstly, thankyou to everyone who responded and for the advice thusfar.
> Milli's diahrea is getting better with Neorase and probiotics, etc..
> I've gotten 5 of the 7 new ones tested and they've all come back FeLV+. 5
> are housed together and the other 2 are each in their own rooms. I have 8
> immune challenged cats of my own (some of which are permanent fosters)
> and am a little worried now. 
> What precautions do I have to take? Is FeLV extremely contagious? My
> dishwasher has a sani cycle which I've been using. Does sanitizing kill
> the virus? Is it easily spread on clothes? How close does the contact
> have to be between cats? How long does the virus live outside the body?
> Lance, how much DMG do you give? I have some for my HCM kitty. 
> I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Does anyone know where I can get
> Transfer Factor? No naturpath, etc. here seems to have heard of it.
> I'm way over my head here. Please give me as much advice (even if it
> sounds simple) as you can.
> Thanks
> El
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  Lance Linimon

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