Belinda, this sounds like a losing battle.  Dorothy chooses to believe
what she chooses to believe, and feels the need to belittle anyone who
believes differently.  Sad.  At least the way she's treating her own
cats isn't actively endangering them, although possibly depriving them
of playmates.  I just hope she's not going around scaring other people
into euthanization with her "info."  She seems not to realize that vets
don't all keep current -- I know of some truly appallingly ignorant ones
who resist any change or challenge to what they think they know.  And
libraries can't hope to provide this kind of specialized, ever-changing
knowledge.  The internet is where it's happening, and it's too bad
people don't have the skills to seek out the most current and
knowledgeable sources, hard though that may be, and to at least lend
some credence to the voices of experience, whatever that experience may
be, on this valuable list.
Diane R.


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Subject: Re: more questions and thank you

    If your going to "quote" me maybe you should read my WHOLE email:

        the best place to get accurate info is from a vet who is
knowledgable about FeLV and goes to continued education seminars, not
the internet.

I think that covers this statement:

        Have you ever heard of a library, Belinda?  Or a veterinarian?
Perhaps those are sources you would like to consider, although I am sure
that in your opinion, they are not accurate either.

By every other test I only see 2 and yes it is possible that both tests
were false negatives.

        Armond came to me at 4 weeks old - FeLV negative and always
immunized.  He was still negative at age 8 years when we moved to a new
state and all of the animals were tested again before moving.  At age 8
1/2, we brought a stray in; after 6 months she got sick and we
discovered she was FeLV positive.  Knowing that it is extremely
contagious, our vet wanted Armond tested immediately.  Sure enough, he
was positive also.  Coincidence?  Every other test was a false negative?

I  love the way people like you read something the way they want to see
it, I said nothing like this, what I said was MY THEN VET who I did put
all my faith in being very young and naive and thinking my vet knew
everything told me I didn't have to worry about exposing my cats because
they were all indoor.  Of course I know better now, but back then I had
only heard the word FeLV a few times and had no clue what it was and
apparently neither did my vet.  My cats were vaccinated for everything
BUT FeLV because my vet told me they didn't need to be being indoor
ONLY.  Love the way you twisted my words below to suit yourself.

        I see where you are trying to justify putting your own cats at
risk.  Since you can "promise" that the cat was "positive all along" you
relieve yourself of any responsibility for intentionally putting them at
risk for infection.  Shame on you.

Obviously my cats were/are my responsibility and what ever happens to
them lays with me.  And yes the virus can sequester in the bone marrow
and a cat can test negative.  The test is very delicate and false
negatives are common like it or not.

I feel the same about your info, a lot of cats will die if their people
listen to your scare tactics.

BELIEVING." ? What part of this situation do you not understand?  And,
how dare you pass this false information on to others?  What a terrible
disservice you have done to anyone who reads this.  I am disgusted to
think that people are listening to you and taking your advice.

If your going to continue to inform with false information and insist it
is true I have no problem with that.  I think I have a lot more
experience with FeLV and I have saved cats lives, not scared people into
possibly ending them.

OH and I never said what I was saying was gospel, I've always said these
are my experiences and there are many others I know on the list and off
who have VERY similar experiences.  And from those experiences and LONG
talks with my vet, those are my conclusions and opinions.

Every thing your stating your stating as fact.

        I can assure you that I will not return to this "support group"
again. I refuse to participate in a battle of wills with someone like
you.  Please do your homework about this before you feel the need to
give any more possibly fatal advice.

Funny how everyone who hears FeLV info they don't like call it a battle
of wills, my info is as valid as yours, your experience vs mine.


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