Thanks, Wendy - I appreciate your note. Yes, I'm doing ok - but always feel bad about losses. I took in Angel Moon locally, ten passed her on to a rescue in another state, but she came back with the rescue lady closed up her house and rescue. Angel Moon got sick and died, then Hendrix got sick and died soon after. Hendrix was FIV and had been with me for several years, and I wish I could have kept them both safer, when trying to find homes for them. Always sad to lose a dear kitty..



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I'm so sorry to hear about your two losses, Angel Moon and Miss Hendrix. I hope you are doing ok.


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I've had 2 cats die in the last two months, I am so sad to say.
Please add to the bridge list.  They were not FELV.

Angel Moon was a 5-6 year old siamese girl, died Dec 14.  She was a
shy, scaredy cat - would come out to ask for food and go Meow-Meow,
but wouldn't have any thing to do with people for the most part.  I've
had her for a year or so.

Miss Hendrix was probably 8-10 yrs  girl, a short but quite fat black
kitty, really cute, funny and likeable.  She's been with me 4 years, a
real sweetie, looked great.  She just developed a cold or something
over the last couple of days, I was treating her, and suddenly there
she was - it was a real shock to lose her late last night (February
5).  Will probably have a necropsy.



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