Bless you all for loving Marley and all the others.
On Mar 15, 2008, at 4:51 PM, Sherry DeHaan wrote:

This is one of the biggest heartbreaks that I have had to deal with since I started volunteering at Sids.Marley was the most beautiful,handsome,sweet loving black cat that I have ever met.I know that MANY MANY volunteers are crying today for the loss of our Marley.Every cat that comes into our care leaves us with a piece of our hearts,well Marley took ALOT more than that!! He has touched all of us in so many ways.I will miss our slow dancing while he stared soulfully into my eyes.Yes we slow danced. :) I swear he totally listened and understood what I said to him.Monday night was the last time I had the chance to tell him how much I loved him and how special he is to me.He actually meowed at me,he didnt do that much.the aweful disease spread ti his brain and Jen had to let him go yesterday.she sent out a very sweet e-mail to all of us,title Goodbye to our Amazing Marley.He was truly an amazing boy.The place will NEVER be the same.But it will still be full of love.
Thank you all so much,

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