Oh I hope this works out for you Beth.  I love Siamese cats.  

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  Hi everyone!
  Well, we are 36 hours into a two week trial adoption of a young siamese FeLV+ 
male. His name right now is Dusty (it might change, he doesn't really answer to 
anything) and he's 11 months old, seal point with icy blue eyes and a funny 
little trill instead of a meow. He's precious and is immediate purrs and 
headbutts. He's still a little unsure of his surroundings and tends to still 
slink places - but I did get to see him in a confident moment and he's really 
beautiful. He& #39;s slightly overweight so a little more pear then cat right 
now but hopefully the activity of both cats will help keep off the extra 
  Athena thinks she likes him so far - she has her hissy moments but she is 
very interested in touching him - it's really quite amusing to see. He'll sit 
on the floor and she'll be on the couch above him, reaching down with her paw 
(no claws) to just touch his back or his head tentatively!! almost as if she 
doesn't know if he's real. He looks a good bit like Orion who we lost but I 
don't think that she could be connecting them visually.

  We'll see how it goes - I think he's missing his friends now (he lived with 4 
other positives in a foster home)

  Beth Gouldin

  God Bless!!! 

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