Kathy, personally, unless she has had bloodwork showing she is the healthiest 
positive cat on the planet, I would not do it.  I was told that the stress of 
wanting to breed is harder on a cat than the stress of undergoing neutering but 
if I had to do it again, I would never have had my positive male neutered.  
Although he was pretty far advanced leukemia wise, I truly believe his 
neutering caused him many additional problems that hastened his death.  As we 
know, spaying is a much bigger procedure than neutering.  If she is going to be 
an indoor cat only and you are willing to go through heats I would not do it.  
Just my take on things.  I now have a 3 year old female who has Feline Herpes 
Virus, inactive at the moment, and I've only had her for a week.  I am not even 
going to think about spaying for at least a month.  I want her to be in 
excellent health, stress free etc before I'll even consider it.

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  My female kitten Foxy is about 8 1/2 months old. She has tested positive for 
feline leukemia and is currently on a daily dose of interferon. My vet has 
recommended having her spayed . Please advise and discuss pros and cons. I feel 
very anxious and scared about having this procedure done but want to do the 
right thing for Foxy.


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