Hi Wendy,
Thanks for asking. Cami is better. It's been a long rough road so far for these 
magnificent 7. All are better now and I'm close to $5000. poorer. Of course 
this includes neutering, spaying, blood panels, dentals and numerous 
extractions for infected teeth, vaxing, ear flushing, meds, etc., etc.. Whew! 
And of course I'm exhausted... I will keep them until they get tested again and 
then try to find forever homes for at least some of the negatives. 
Cami still gets long acting injectable antibiotics twice weekly. We tried the 
injectable tetracycline a while back and almost lost him. He was then extremely 
ill for days. I've been giving him Transfer Factor Plus Tri Factor also along 
with numerous supplements and vit B12 and everything combined seems to have 
kicked in his immune system finally. He has a heart murmur also - the vet 
thinks the systemic infection he had damaged his valves. When he's stronger, 
he'll have a cardiac ultrasound. Each one of them has minor relapses with URI's 
but are over them within a few days now.  
The ones that came up FeLV negative also had really horrible blood panels with 
low red blood cell counts, etc. I have had the negatives vaxed twice now and 
will get all retested in a few months.
I have been reading the archives and learning a lot. I have kept 5 and now 6 of 
the 7 together. They were sheltered together and 2 (1 positive and 1 negative) 
of them survived by physically taking care of each other there so I can't  
separate those 2. They sleep together, comfort each other, etc.. I have been so 
torn about that. The negative one is a dwarf.
I live in the lower mainland of BC Canada close to the border. If there is 
anyone on this list who lives in the area and has a vet who is very FeLV 
knowledgeable, please let me know.
Immulan isn't available in Canada but my vet is right on the border (Zero ave) 
and will get it for me. I understand it's very expensive but I'm sure it's 
cheaper than treating the illnesses associated. If anyone has any experience 
with Immulan (positive or negative), I'd love to hear it.
If anyone has any advice, ideas, etc. please pass it on to me. For those who 
use DMG, how much do you give? 
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