Hi everyone,
I have a cat named Sylvester (but no Tweety Bird) who has kidney stones. I just 
had him to the vet yesterday == he had been walking funny so I thought he had 
hurt his leg. Boy was I wrong! Vet thought he was walking funny too and 
initially thought renal failure, diabetes, or thyroid but his bloodwork came 
back okay although his something globulin level was a little high at 5.7 
(normal range 2.3-5.3). After asking if I had any cats with FIP - which I do 
not although I have a very fat cat who gained a lot of weight after being 
spayed (now I am wondering if she has FIP!). I never had a cat with FIP. He 
said was not too concerned with it, to keep an eye on him, make sure he has a 
water fountain (which I will set up tonight) and canned food and he pees at 
least 3-4x a day lemon sized pee balls. I asked if there was a way to get rid 
of the stones but he said beyond taking Sylvester to University of PA to have 
it out - he didn't think it was a good option. He just may be in pain from the 
stones. Anyways, I guess I am just worried - my cat Phoebe who was 11 and 
looked like a little Ewok (from Star Wars) was euthanized last April due to a 
blocked kidney stone. I still see her little face and hear her meow and picture 
her with her little paws sitting on top of me and kneading. I feed Chicken Soup 
canned though I may go back to EVO, with the gas being so expensive that food 
has gone up so much! If anyone has similar experiences or ideas about feeding, 
please let me know. I have 21 cats so it is just hard to do the right thing 
with so many and I know that is my fault. I feel sometimes I need rescued but 
that is being selfish and only when overwhelmed do I feel that way until I look 
at their little furry faces and beautiful eyes!
Best wishes,
"Every year shelters kill almost 5,000,000 cats, dogs, puppies & kittens.  Most 
were beautiful, loving creatures (even feral cats!) that died simply because 
they did not have a home.  Every puppy or kitten born costs a shelter animal 
its life. Save lives, spay-neuter, support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) & adopt for 
life!" Visit http://www.castawaycritters.org/info/display?PageID=153 for 
information on Spay/Neuter in Mid-Central PAVisit http://www.alleycat.org for 
information on humane control of the feral and stray cat populationVisit 
http://www.cpaa.info for information on life-saving programs and organizations 
in Mid-Central PA 

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As I recall someone in this group or the FIV group was in a study using this 
drug called "T Cyte" at that time. This company bought them out and immediately 
the drug cost was prohibited to where the person was not able to continue or 
start use of it. I understand it holds promise and there are studies to support 
this. However a pretty broad claim being made by imulan. 
On the other hand if it helps and you can afford it then I say it's worth a try.
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Anyone familiar or know about this?

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