Sharyl...I've worked with 3 colonies.  From what I"ve seen over the years, the 
rest of the cats could possibly be negative.  When you take these cats in, 
just tell vet you want them tested for FELV.   That's something they suggest 
every time I take one in that's been outside.  Finding homes for positive 
ferals might take a little longer but it is possible.  I wish you luck!
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Today's Topics:

  1. RE: Introducing Sissy and Rocket (Sharyl)
  2. accidental pos/negs interaction (Lance)


Message: 1
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 02:40:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sharyl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: RE: Introducing Sissy and Rocket
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Thanks Anita.  I have heard back from both and neither have a vet in my area.  
Will just start saving up money and pursue finding sponsors for the kitties.

Stray Cat Alliance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
      .hmmessage P  {  margin:0px;  padding:0px  }  body.hmmessage  {  
FONT-SIZE: 10pt;  FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma  }    You could also check out Pets 911 - 
lists rescues and their services, including spay/neuter, TNR, etc.

Or phone toll free 1-888-PETS-911

Best wishes,
Subject: Re: Introducing Sissy and Rocket
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 07:51:54 -0500

Oops - not reading my email in sequence, sorry.  Well, hope you find something 
a lot less than $100 per. 


  On Apr 3, 2008, at 4:07 AM, Pat Kachur wrote:
      Does Spay USA have a branch in your state?  In Georgia (Spay Georgia), 
one can purchase certificates which allow a huge discount at participating 
vets.  They send a list of those vets when they send your certificates.
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  From: Sharyl
  Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 9:02 PM
  Subject: Re: Introducing Sissy and Rocket

  Thanks Gloria.  So far it looks like the best I'm going to be able to do on 
the neutering is $100.  There is a chance the Tidewater SPCA Neuter Scooter 
will come over to the Eastern Shore and I could save $25.  I can afford to care 
for the 2 I have rescued.  I'll have to work on colony one cat at a time as my 
budget allows.  I am trying to recruit local sponsors to help with the cost.  
Local SPCA doesn't believe in TNR for ferals.  I just don't want to have to 
tell the vet anything when I bring in a colony kitty. 
  Sharyl Sissy and Rocket

Gloria Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  That's wonderful that you're doing this.  Would be nice if you could find a 
low-cost spay neuter clinic, or a free service, to help fund the neutering.  RE 
your question about telling the vet, I don't know.  If 2 are positive, still 
doesn't mean all the others are, although of course there's a chance. Any vet 
should be aware that if the kitty hasn't been tested, there's a potential for 
FELV or FIV.  Neutering is the key to preventing the spread of this, as I 
understand.  Least my take on it.  Hope you find a good option for low cost or 
free neutering.  


  On Apr 2, 2008, at 8:23 AM, Sharyl wrote:
    I had been feeding a group of dumpster 8 kittens and ended up rescuing 2, 
Sissy and Rocket, when they were about 12 weeks old.  On their 1st vet visit 
both tested FeLV+.  I will have both retested the end of April to see if they 
are still positive.  I have them quarantined in my garage.  They are eating 
Iams canned kitten food supplemented with a Super B Complex, Lactoferrin and 
DMG.  So far they are responding well and seem very healthy.  Both have had 
their kitten shots and been wormed.
  If they stay positive I will either find a forever home for them or build an 
enclosure onto the garage for them.  I have 2 indoor kitties and one has CRF so 
am concerned about bringing them into the house.
  My questions concern the rest of the colony which includes at least 4 
adults.  I can not take all of them in.  My plan had been to TNR the colony 
(trap/neuter/release). The vet is recommending euthanizing the entire colony if 
these 2 stay positive.  I am not sure where I will be able to get then neutered 
if they are positive.  And I can not trap them just to have them euthanized.  
That may be the best thing to do but I just can't do it.  Is there any info on 
how to deal with a FeLV+ feral colony?  Any advise on how to get them 
neutered?  Am I obligated to tell the vet about the potential for FeLV when 
having them neutered?
  Sharyl Sissy and Rocket
  ES of VA

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Message: 2
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 10:50:08 -0500
Subject: accidental pos/negs interaction
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I know I should know better than to have a panic attack about this,  
but I'm really close to having a panic attack about this. I awoke  
quite early this morning to discover that two of our negs had managed  
to get into my bedroom with my pos. Some of the cat sounds (primarily  
scratching on the cat tree) sounded different, because they were  
coming from a bigger cat, but it didn't register until I got up. My  
pos, while growly, wasn't acting too wound up. I'm proud of her.

I'm concerned because, of course, not only is my pos in here but her  
food dish and litter box. Also, I don't know what was going on or how  
long the cats had been in here with us. I have good reason to believe  
that one of the cats is resistant to the virus, but the younger cat, a  
two year old, I'm not so sure about. She got the first round of FeLV+  
vax when she was young, but those vax haven't been refreshed, as we  
never anticipated these sorts of run-ins.

So, does anyone have thoughts on any treatment I should start? How  
long should I wait to have her tested? It looks like recommends 90 days? I realize that there's a  
possibility that this particular neg didn't come into any real contact  
with the virus, and if she did, that there's a decent chance she'll  
fight it off. However, since this cat is not mine but is the love of  
my mom's life, I'm crawling out of my skin right now.

Your thoughts?


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