Thank you Jane, Sally, Gloria and Gary. I appreciate the info. I'm less worried about things than I was Friday. One thing at a time, I guess. My pos is going in for bloodwork at her usual, three monthly appointment this week.


On Apr 4, 2008, at 11:12 PM, Gloria Lane wrote:

I've come to think that adult healthy FELV- cats are just not really very susceptible to infection thru casual contact with FELV+ cats. Shoot, I wouldn't worry a minute about it.


On Apr 4, 2008, at 10:50 AM, Lance wrote:
I know I should know better than to have a panic attack about this, but I'm really close to having a panic attack about this. I awoke quite early this morning to discover that two of our negs had managed to get into my bedroom with my pos. Some of the cat sounds (primarily scratching on the cat tree) sounded different, because they were coming from a bigger cat, but it didn't register until I got up. My pos, while growly, wasn't acting too wound up. I'm proud of her.

I'm concerned because, of course, not only is my pos in here but her food dish and litter box. Also, I don't know what was going on or how long the cats had been in here with us. I have good reason to believe that one of the cats is resistant to the virus, but the younger cat, a two year old, I'm not so sure about. She got the first round of FeLV+ vax when she was young, but those vax haven't been refreshed, as we never anticipated these sorts of run-ins.

So, does anyone have thoughts on any treatment I should start? How long should I wait to have her tested? It looks like recommends 90 days? I realize that there's a possibility that this particular neg didn't come into any real contact with the virus, and if she did, that there's a decent chance she'll fight it off. However, since this cat is not mine but is the love of my mom's life, I'm crawling out of my skin right now.

Your thoughts?


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