I think it is quite unlikely that this brief and
peaceful encounter will put 
your negatives in any real danger.  Take a look at
these articles on viral 
diseases, there is one specifically for FeLV.


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Subject: accidental pos/negs interaction

>I know I should know better than to have a panic
attack about this,  but 
>I'm really close to having a panic attack about this.
I awoke  quite early 
>this morning to discover that two of our negs had
managed  to get into my 
>bedroom with my pos. Some of the cat sounds
(primarily  scratching on the 
>cat tree) sounded different, because they were 
coming from a bigger cat, 
>but it didn't register until I got up. My  pos, while
growly, wasn't acting 
>too wound up. I'm proud of her.
> I'm concerned because, of course, not only is my pos
in here but her  food 
> dish and litter box. Also, I don't know what was
going on or how  long the 
> cats had been in here with us. I have good reason to
believe  that one of 
> the cats is resistant to the virus, but the younger
cat, a  two year old, 
> I'm not so sure about. She got the first round of
FeLV+  vax when she was 
> young, but those vax haven't been refreshed, as we 
never anticipated 
> these sorts of run-ins.
> So, does anyone have thoughts on any treatment I
should start? How  long 
> should I wait to have her tested? It looks like 
> recommends 90 days? I realize that there's a 
possibility that this 
> particular neg didn't come into any real contact 
with the virus, and if 
> she did, that there's a decent chance she'll  fight
it off. However, since 
> this cat is not mine but is the love of  my mom's
life, I'm crawling out 
> of my skin right now.
> Your thoughts?
> Lance
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