This is how our household situation is-  I began bottle feeding kittens in May- 
they were found in a burn barrell.  In July, new to my kitty care, I took in a 
kitten they thought needed feeding but turned out he was very sick and near 
death when I got him.  Worm infested and dehydrated and cold to the touch, I 
took him to the vet who thought I was crazy because he was so near death but we 
wormed him and gave him fluids-  The next day was a huge turn around and the 
weeks and months that followed even more so.  We did go through a bout of 
ringworm but the girls never got it just him.  In August, they got their vet 
work done before working on new homes for them and all three came back FELV 
I was devastated but ignored the advice of euthanasia and kept them for myself. 
 We ordered Mega C Plus and another supplement and began that.  They had a life 
and were healthy and happy!  In late September Frankie, the male, had another 
bout w/ vomiting and weight loss, the girls never had it.  We separated him and 
went through weeks of antibiotic and he eventually began eating and turn around 
and rejoined the house.  He didn't play as often, just sat quietly but he was 
eating drinking and using the litter box.  NO fevers or any other signs of 
illness except his quietness.  
In October, things gradually went down hill for Frankie and we put him down in 
November.  I truely believe Frankie was the carrier giving the girls the 
exposure. The girls were still happy and healthy.  I volunteer for rescue and 
as in the previous emails, my spare room has been used for extras w/out homes.  
As you know, we had that light positive and the mom and brother weren't and 
they have been separate from my girls.  
Yesterday, we retested the rescue, Jill, and my girls Maggie and Mitzy----THEY 
ARE ALL NEGATIVE!!   The vet asked lots of questions because they are 
unfamiliar w/ FELV and don't usually actively treat it.  We are so happy for 
this.  Jill gets to go to her new home and my girls get to celebrate their 
first birthday in May.  We are aware that this result can turn around under 
times of stress and age but for now we are celebrating!Kenzie KanneARC 
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