Here are big "hang in there" vibes to Hobbs and his human, and some hugs
and skritches thrown in too!  I know we're all rooting for him.
Thanks for the update, Heather.
Diane R.


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Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 1:09 PM
Subject: Update on Hobbs

Hi Everyone-
Hobbs' caregiver, Jann, also preferred him to be at home and did have
them show her how to do meds and feels ok doing it and has already
started....the feedings are kind of tough, and he's on many meds
(Densyl, Baytril, Amox., Argenine, Cartinine, Cypro. appetite stimulant,
and I think one other thing....).    The current latest worries are that
she says his eyes are dilated and glassy, we called the vet and she said
to bring him in.   She also says that he seems weaker in terms of
stopping after just a few steps...and he does cry when she picks him up.
When they initially did the BW, it was partially to check for
Hemobartonella or anemia, but he didn't have either of those, though I
do need to get a copy of the blood work.   The vet simply indicated it's
his liver and he appears to have an infection.   When I asked about the
Baytril and Amoxicillin, she said it was in case there is an infection
in the liver and also part of their "liver cocktail", if I understood
correctly.   I have a friend who has some Imulan coming in, she's using
it on an FIV+ of hers (and says it has helped him greatly, but is not a
quick-fix kind of thing)....Hobbs' has so much already going in him, I'm
wondering if it's smarter to consider this if he improves & strengthens.
My vet is not familiar with Imulan and I'm not yet sure if she'll
administer it.
Jann says Hobbs is so brave....of course seeing him struggling is
breaking her heart.   I really appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers
and advice.   Any input is welcome!!!

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