I haven't even discussed FELV stuff w/my current vet.

How is your back?

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 11:46 AM, MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> here's my periodic reminder to go to www.adopt.bemikitties.com and add
> your vet, and any others you know of, to the section for
> vets-who-don't-automatically-euth-cats-with-FIV-FeLV-high corona titres.
> there are nowhere near enough listed, but if we keep nudging one another,
> perhaps we can change that!
> (my dream, for my spare time, when there are no cats left to rescue, is to
> find 50 people to just call all the vets in their state -- well, they can
> have assistants, am just thinking of state coordinators)--and find out what
> their policy is for FIVs and FeLVs......  (i'm not about asking about FIP, i
> might have to go out and kill too many of them based on those responses.)
> MC
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