Jane Lyons wrote:
> Hi Nina
> I'm writing from the site, but I am not sure it will go to the list.
> If this reaches the list, Sam  I've had good results with L-lysine
> (500mg's daily which I split between 2 feedings) and
> a liquid supplement called DMG. I have also found that good
> quality food helps.
> As everyone on this list will tell you, a lot of love and affection
> and a low stress existence is key.
> It is great that Gus is without symptoms. Hopefully you can boost
> his immunity and he will be able to throw the virus. Here's hoping.
> To the list:
> Since the server problems I have not been able to send or receive
> messages. James cannot figure it out. If anyone knows how
> to get back on, please let me know.
> Thanks
> Jane

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