Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for making this message longer 
than I'd first thought...

Now that our list appears to be back up and running 
properly, I think it's time to send out a gentle reminder 
about netiquette and what this list's mission is. 

First, remember that this list is for discussions of feline 
leukemia, related treatments and support for those who 
are dealing with this dreaded disease. We do, however, 
allow a bit of off-topic discussion because of the close-knit 
nature of this group of wonderful people. If you do plan to 
post something that is off-topic (but, hopefully, somehow 
related to FeLV and/or list members), remember to put 'OT' 
(without the quotes) at the beginning of the subject line. 

Next, remember to properly edit your emails to this list. 
Lately, folks have been posting messages that contain the 
complete text of the entire thread to which they are 
responding. This is causing problems with both the digest 
mode and email size limits for this list. So, please edit your 
messages to contain only the relevant text of previous 
emails. If you need assistance with this, please contact 
me privately, and I'll try to explain it further. 

Also, attachments are NOT allowed. That means, do not 
attach pictures, pdf files, Word document files, Excel files, 
etc. I will not forward such messages to the list.

Lastly, due to the nature of this disease and its effects on 
our furry friends, there is a potential for passionate 
debates every now and then. While this may be healthy in 
a general sense, please try to observe the following rules: 

No flaming- ie; no personal attacks, hostile language, 
personal threats, etc.,

No posting messages that proclaim a, "my way or the 
highway" type of rhetoric. We are a diverse group of 
people with varying opinions on which treatment options 
work best for our loved ones. Some here believe that 
certain treatment options are not viable (or are simply 
hokum) while others swear by a particular treatment. Some 
here believe in mixing positives and negatives while others 
say that it shouldn't happen at all. Even if you adamantly 
disagree with another list member's point of view, please 
be respectful and sensitive to their right to their opinions. 
Members are free to share their opinions, but they are not 
permitted to badger others into submission. 

It is my hope that this message will serve as a general 
guideline to posting to FeLVTalk. If I've forgotten 
something, or if you disagree with the content of this note, 
please contact me PRIVATELY to discuss it further. 
Please do not try to create a controversy on the list about 
all of this. Thank you. Best wishes to all.

James G. Wilson - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
http://www.felineleukemia.org (FeLV Research & Support)
http://www.myspace.com/wilsonjamesg (My Space Page)

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