Debbie, I don't mean to be sarcastic but it really depends on the issues the 
cat has or doesn't have.  For my CRF kitty I am looking for the lowest 
phosphorus food she'll eat.  Cats with sensitive systems really need grain free 
For most cats a high quality canned food is usually best.  High quality doesn't 
necessarily mean highest price.  You can go to and find 
the ingredients for most canned and dry foods.  
I avoid anything with garlic/onions or designer ingredients.  Many companies 
are adding ingredients that people take for various health issues without 
testing to see the impact on cats.   For this reason I avoid any food with 
cranberries.  I expect the 1st few ingredients to be a protein in the form of a 
meat.  I avoid any food where the first or second ingredient is a grain.  Cats 
are carnivores not herbivores.
All that said I feed my CRF kitty whatever she will eat.  Today it was Fancy 
Feast.  Yesterday it was Friskies.  She refuses to eat any of the renal diets 
or any of the so called 'high quality' foods.  

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well...that went poorly...I was asking what constitutes a good diet for cats 
these days...please.

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