Caroline, I'm so happy for Manny, for his new family, and for you.  What a
great development!

Diane R. 

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Well, I guess the lord truly does giveth and taketh away in a good ways
sometimes!  Just as I am struggling to deal with my returned foster
suffering from seziures of unknown origin and reaching the height of my
stress...I also have the best news I have had in a long time.  My feleuk
foster Manny has a home.  A lady and her 14 yo son were coming to look at
him tonight at 6:00 and I had not allowed myself to get excited about it b/c
I am realistic.  But they knew he had feleuk and still wanted to see him
(tho they have never had a feleuk- had two cats that lived to be 18-20 that
died a few months ago a few mths apart).  The son needed time to grieve but
has recently been asking for a cat.  They just want 1 so a foster friend
suggested my Manny b/c I'm desperate to get him home b/c I just don't have
the set up for him to have much of a life here-- running out of rooms!  They
have already been screened by the organization I am adopting him thru or
else they wouldn't have come to the house to see him.  AND they are cousins
by marriage of one of my fellow foster friends!  Manny is the healthiest
thing ever and he's flourished in my care-- he's all muscle, not an ounce of
fat, vivacious, playful, tons of fun, and a complete alpha male who rules
humans and dogs-- whomever he is given the opportunity to interact with!!!
He's the smartest thing in this house and that includes the dogs- of which
one is very bright-- but Manny takes the cake in the brains area.  I love
love love him and would so keep him if I hadn't already had non-feleuk
fosters and house cats and in particular kitten fosters.
So I didn't get my hopes up too much when they came to see him but they
asked all the right questions about feleuk and I think they feel comfortable
b/c they can rely on me and my experience since we will have a very "open"
adoption!  She is a nurse so she has a great base of knowledge for
understanding his disease!  I just want him to have a home so I have told
them that I will help personally with vet bills so that he can have his red
blood cells monitored every 6 months and should he ever get sick- with the
treatment.  The organization I am adopting him thru (I am working with
another one on the side now that I am very happy with) helps with vet bills
in all cases and will assist with his should he get sick!!!!!!!!!  They said
they were told by another rescuer/foster in the organization that they will
just know the right cat for them when they see it and they said "we just
know it's him!"  I just can't believe I got my Manny a home!!!!!!!!  I have
a few days to spend with him to say goodbye so I can ease myself into it--
they want to clean the house for Manny and have to get a litterbox, etc.
because they threw things out.  I just can't even explain to you how happy I
am but I know you all share my joy!  Manny finally gets a young boy to PLAY
WITH, an entire house to romp in, and windows to bird watch from ALL DAY
(instead of just a few hours a day)!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't possibly want more
for him.
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