Here's an update on my adopted/returned foster cat with alleged seizures: 
By the time his appt rolled around yesterday with the vet of my choice,
> I knew it was going to go well.  The more people I talked to about it, the
> more people said there was something wrong with those people at that house
> and having him out of there was the most important thing.  But he's just
> gotten better and better.  I have no trouble medicating him at all.  Just
> those first few times.  He's actually one of the easiest I've ever medicated
> now!!!!!!  I haven't had a scratch or a bite yet and it goes super fast--
> he's a good boy!  The odd aggressive behavior is lessened.  He totally
> trusts me already and is a complete love-bug.  He is just a quirky, willful
> little thing and that's just his personality-- he wants to run around and be
> hyper and get into everything and so sometimes when I scoop him up, he does
> that growling, but it's funny/harmless.  Most importantly, no seizures-- no
> signs of seizures.  I've had him since Thursday and you'd think he never
> left me with the way he responds to me!
> So the vet saw a totally healthy, friendly, bright, Curious George Cat
> yesterday!  He just walks all over the exam room, jumps in the doctor's lap
> and rolls around!, purrs, tries to get into everything!  It's great to
> watch.  Dr. said we have a very healthy cat and he can't believe
> those people said they were going to put him down!  He said this is not a
> cat you even consider that with!  He agrees there was possible abuse.  But
> he also suggested that-- upon watching the cat's behavior in the exam room-
> that he is a cat who wants to get into everything so he thinks it's very
> possible the cat got into something- like a chemical- and the people- since
> they are so weird- just didn't know and overreacted.  He said that's very
> possible and with the way that cats metabolize things so slowly, it might
> just take a while for him to work it out of his system and that could be why
> he maybe had continuing seizures (if he even had them).  He said since
> there's been so seizures and the cat is happy, he doesn't want to change
> anything.  Stay on the same dose of phenobarb for 1 mth.  Then he wants to
> see him again in a month and they will take blood and get a phenobarb level
> at that time.  Then we will work on taking him off it slowly and monitoring
> the level.  He said if we start taking him off and he has a seizure- then we
> know he was having them, but at least we know that the phenobarb will
> control it.  But Dr. said no signs of a neurological defect-- none at
> all.  No need to even consider a catscan b/c there's just no signs-- totally
> alert and bright.  He said if it was FIP, there'd be other neurological
> signs, like ataxia.  But also, I don't know if I told you that?- adoptive
> parents vet called on sat- and everything negative- fip, toxo, felv, fiv-
> neg. Dr. confirmed too that blood work "looks great."  Good news all
> around!  He's a happy, healthy, bouncing boy and I'm glad to have him back
> in my care!
Thanks for everyone's input, care and concern!
> Caroline 

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