On the topic of opening your heart to another:  Invite Cole to send  
you someone.  Dixie send me not one but two small kittens over a two  
week period.  Dixie waited 30 days from the day she left and sent me a  
copper kitten.  She sent a solid slate grey one two weeks later.  Both  
came from the pine thicket she came from.  That thicket is full of  
hawks, coyotes, dogs, fox and other critters that love to have little  
kittens for snacks.  And both were in need of immediate vet attention  
and were prime for the smallest hawk. All of this is to say, trust  
Cole to help you find just the right cat to help you thru this.   
Dixie's timing was perfect.  I was (and am) still grieving for her but  
I was ready to give again....and two healthy kittens can keep you very  
busy.  By the way, they are both FeLV- (a miracle under the  
circumstances) and little boys.  Cole is a heart mate of yours.  Give  
him a chance to prove it and let him provide help for you.  Dixie will  
definitely help me raise these two.
On Aug 26, 2008, at 8:22 AM, Rosenfeldt, Diane wrote:

> I'm so sorry, Kim.  I know it's not a lot of consolation that you had
> him with you for 6-1/2 years when a healthy cat can live 3 times that
> long, but it *is* an extraordinary age for a FeLV+ kitty and both of  
> you
> fought the good fight and loved each other fiercely for all that time.
> Don't try to second-guess yourself about whether it was the exact time
> to help him end it -- I think one of the other members of this list
> would say "better a day too early than a second too late."
> When you are talking to him, as Marylyn has suggested, invite him to
> visit you.  So many people have experienced what they feel is a visit
> from their departed pets -- maybe you're in bed and it feels like
> somekitty is walking on the bed, but when you look nobody's there,  
> that
> kind of thing.  And if you ever move, specifically invite Cole to the
> new place too.
> And finally, once it stops hurting quite so badly, be open to the idea
> of finding another kitty, not to "take his place" but to fill the  
> void.
> He won't want you to be lonely, and so many times people have said  
> they
> felt that their departed kitty has led them right to a new one to  
> love.
> Hugs to you and to Cole in his new home, where he is undoubtedly
> swapping "great mommy" stories with our kitties there.
> Diane R.
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Cole's last fight
> It is with great sadness that I have to say that my Cole has lost his
> fight. The last 2 weeks he has been recieving epogen shots two times a
> week and we found out today that the shots have not improved his  
> anemia.
> He in fact got worse and his hemoglobin went down to 9% from 11% 2  
> weeks
> ago. He has also lost an addition 1lb in 3 days because he would not
> eat. It was the hardest thing ever to have to make the call in putting
> him to sleep or not, but he has been so lethargic and down the last
> couple days, I had no choice. He was not in good enough shape to even
> attempt any other treatment at this point. I wish I would have caught
> this earlier and maybe treatment would have been better. He had been
> living with Feline Leukemia since birth and he lived to be almost 7,  
> so
> at least I was blessed with that time with him. Right now the hardest
> thing is to come home and not have him waiting at the door for me. I  
> am
> praying that I made the right decision and didnt jump the gun on  
> putting
> him to sleep, but I just could not take it if I knew that I was
> prolonging his suffering. I am having him cremated and we are having a
> special urn made for him with his picture. All I can say is that  
> having
> Cole for a short 6 1/2 years was worth the heartache I have now, he  
> was
> my rock and was there for me when I needed him and now it is my turn  
> to
> be there for him. Thank you all for your support and words of  
> advice, it
> helped me make it through the 2 toughest weeks of my life. I love you
> Cole.
> Kim
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