I have two female cats that I rescued from a shelter in the first week of 
August (one had a litter of kittens 2 days after I picked them up).I have had 
them for a month now. They have been in the same room but have had no contact 
with eachother or the others dishes, litterbox, etc.(they sleep in their own 
giant dogs crates and have little litter boxes and food and water and 
everything so it's almost like what you see at shelters) They each get 12 hours 
in their crate and 12 hours out in the room so they don't stir crazy - when the 
other one is out the crate is turned so they can't see eachother or have face 
to face contact. I am unfortunately very familiar with feline leukemia, we had 
a sanctuary for FELV+ cats and our last one just died last October so I am very 
cautious and aware of the disease and probably know more than most do about it. 
Because of this though I think maybe I'm paranoid about it. The kittens are a 
month old now and really need to have free roam of the room so I was going to 
get the mom cat and the other girl I have tested so they can cohabitate in the 
room until they get fixed and to new homes. I have 12 personal cats and don't 
have any 'free rooms' to let them each have one or I would do that. A rescuer 
bailed last minute which is how I ended up with two cats. I'm just worried that 
the incubation period for FELV is 2 months and it's only been one month and I 
don't know where they came from or what they were exposed to prior to me 
getting them. I also know FELV in adult cats, usually takes prolonged exposure 
unless it was transmitted inutero. SO - am I being too paranoid? Should I just 
get them tested and not worry about it if it comes back neg?My vet said a month 
should be a fair place to test them at and he's never had a neg come back pos 
later on....
 Michelle Brockman  
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