Different dads??
I have NO idea....have never heard of this.

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Meant for the group.
I don't know what to tell you.  The litter of 4 I rescued all tested 
positive.  I have no experience where on half the litter tests positive 
and half negative.

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Subject: Some positive, some negative?
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I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how the following could have
happened, and what they'd recommend:

I work at an animal shelter and a few weeks ago, a woman dropped off a
mama cat with four nursing kittens.  The kittens looked to be about 3
weeks old.  I brought the cat and kittens home and have been caring for
them in a large dog crate.  They're all active and healthy looking.
Last week I brought them to the Vet for their FIV/FeLV combo test.
I was shocked when two of the kittens tested positive for FeLV.  They
used the snap test, but also sent blood to the lab on the mama cat.
Her result came back negative.

I've heard that the virus can be transient and can be fought off in
rare instances, but this is so odd.  Has anyone else ever heard of this
pening.  I know I need to have everyone re-tested in a few weeks.
In the meantime, I do have them all together.  My thought was that if
the Mom and the two negative kittens haven't caught it from the two
positive kittens by now, they won't catch it.  But maybe I should
separate them.  I don't know.

I commented to someone I work with that at least we won't have a
problem adopting out the mother cat and the two negative kittens, but
she said that since they've "been exposed to the virus", they can

transmit it to other cats.

Two veterinarians I spoke to have no clue.

P.S.  I=2
0know the kittens didn't catch the virus from my FeLV+ kitty as
she was living in the upstairs and they are in the basement and I
changed clothing and scrubbed up and there were hours between the time
I'd handle her and then them.

Thank you.

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