Blessings to Sharky and to all that have cared for him.  What is done  
with love and care is not wrong.  It may not work out the way we think  
it should but it is not wrong.
On Sep 14, 2008, at 1:08 PM, Sherry DeHaan wrote:

> Hi all I am asking for prayers and good thoughts for our boy  
> Sharky.He is very sick and at the clinic. He was fostered for 5  
> months by one of our volunteers and was returned to see how he would  
> do.(He was not fond of the other cats at the sanctuary)I believe he  
> should have stayed in his foster home,they are kicking themselves  
> for not just adopting him in the first please keep him in  
> your thoughts.Thank you,
> Sherry
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