Great news! No, FABULOUSE NEWS!!
I AM curious about the liver as a rescuer here nearly killed 4 kittens
feeding them liver. I took them from her and nursed them back to health. The
vet told me kittens cannot tolerate liver...maybe it was the only thing she
fed. I don't remember. (Too much Vitamin A? I just don't remember. I kept 2
of them..the sickliest and the least socialized. :))

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Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not remember, I rescued a bunch of kittens from a
high-kill shelter back in May and two tested positive for leukemia. A month
later, we retested and they were still positive. Well, I waited another 90
days before retesting and...THEY'RE NEGATIVE!!!! Oh my GOD! I am so

Of course I will never know if what I did helped revert they're status, but
I know at least it didn't hurt! I fed them a mostly raw diet, and made sure
they got plenty of liver, and  supplemented first with Astragalus Plus and
then Vetri-DMG.

YAY!! On another note, these kitties are still looking for homes. I refused
to vaccinate them while they were positive, but now that they are negative,
I don't want to start... Of course, now this means I have to let them go
(I've been fostering the past 90 days), and believe me that feels like
ripping my heart out. I would absolutely L O V E to see them go to a
raw-feeding no- or limited vax home. It would lessen the sting of letting
them go. :0) Please contact me privately if you are interested.

Callie -

Hope -

Please note that I have not yet updated their bios on the site.

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Orange County, CA
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