Sue, thank goodness he is with you now.  Sounds like he might have a chance 
with a little help.  Just keep loving him.

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Tweezer update
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 8:16 AM

Today I took Tweezer to the vet.  I am so angry that a supposed rescue group
could let him get into such bad shape.  He only weights about 3 1/2" lbs. 
He has a horrible case of ear mites.  He has an eye infection and an upper
respiratory infection.  The fact that he can't seem to put on weight may be
caused by a genetic defect of the liver (liver shunts?).  A blood panel was
taken and his urine is being tested.  The one good thing is that he does not
seem to be a bit anemic.  His appetite is also good.  He ate most of a can of
Wellness today.  
So - now we await the results of the tests.  I will not hear back from the vet
until Tuesday because they are going out of town.  He is on Doxycycline for his
eye infection and the respiratory infection.  They also gave him a treatment of
ear mite/flea medication that they put on the back of his neck.  
He is such a wonderful sweet kitty.  He just loves to be loved.
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