Sharyl gave you great info.  The babyfood worked wonders with one of my kitties 
who had issues with her stomach so bad she stopped eating.  I thought we were 
going to lose her, but more than twice she came through with the help of the 
baby food, pepcid ac, and chicken broth and boiled chicken.  Make sure she is 
getting fluids.  Dehydration makes kitties feel horrible.  Syringing several 
drops or more every hour or so may help.
Keep us posted, 

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Tried to give Kiwi a little canned pumpkin.  He tried to ignore it, but I put a 
tiny bit in his mouth and he became a little interested.  He ate a tiny bit 
more on his own then he stopped.  I am going to wait 30 minutes to make sure he 
can keep it down.  I am not sure what to look for.  I guess maybe for his 
appetite to return eventually.  I just wish I could afford to take him to a vet 
to see exactly what is going on with him.  Anyway, I'll let you know how things 
are coming along soon.  Thanks!  Bye, Robin

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