when i first started looking for info, went to Wikipedia.org.  they have info 
on lots of subjects.  they mentioned a litter box for diabetic cats that also 
worked for felv cats in mixed households.  it is called smart cat box, uses 
safflower seed for litter.  does not absorb urine, instead it drains through 
slotted floor into a covered collection reservoir.  then can test it for 
glucose and pour into toilet.  feces do not stick to litter and can be disposed 
of in the toilet.  since litter does not absorb, stays dry and odor free.  
freshen litter and box by spraying with Clorox Anywhere.  spray and let dry.  
no mechanical parts and is made in USA.because does not absorb and stay wet, 
felv virus dies and not as much problem with transmission to neg cats in house. 
seems perfect to me, or at least as close as can get. i went to site :  
www.smartcatbox.com and now have one on order.  i had a question not on their 
frequently asked questions list and Sara herself called me back with an answer. 
 didn't expect that.  ishe said that unless the cats followed each other into 
the box, by the time the next one got there, everything was dry.  dorlis
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