We inherited a positive kitten a?number of months ago and don't know a whole 
lot of what we should do to keep her healthy. Macy is such a sweet 7 month old 
girl. She normally has lots and LOTS! of energy. She has her favorite toys and 
even puts them in her condo occasionally. In the past couple of days, she's 
been very quiet and not eating or drinking much. Today, we had to search the 
house to find her - she normally comes when called. The only thing she'd eat 
was a small amount of people tuna but didn't drink. For the past few months 
she's been making noise as she sleeps (very heavy breathing) and occasionally 
when she's cuddling.?We took her to the emergency vet clinic today. She has a 
slight fever and a distended tummy. They're keeping her overnight and putting 
her on an IV and antibiotic. What is the best food for a positive kitten and 
what supplements seem to work? Our regular vet is willing to listen to whatever 
we learn. Any recommendations or comments are welcome.
Thanks, Dawn
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