Have you had bloodwork done on Mickey lately to make sure that he's not anemic 
and to make sure there's not something else going on? I would suggest that you 
have your vet do a small biopsy of the growth to get an exact diagnosis and to 
rule out cancer. I think adenomas are common in older pets and are usually 
benign. I don't think it is common for them to bleed so extensively though. 
I've never seen any reference to adenomas being cause by Felv.

I am not sure if prednisone would be helpful; I think you would need to know if 
the growth is cancerous or not.

Good luck!

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> I adopted Mickey when he was about 5 months old and found out he was positive 
> for felv. For 8 years he displayed no signs of the virus until last December 
> when he fell in the garage about 8 feet and did not land on his feet. 
> Although 
> he was not seriously hurt this apparently triggered something with the virus. 
> He became lethargic and would not eat. My vet at the time began a series of 
> the 
> immuno regulen shots and after about 3 months began giving them to him every 
> two 
> weeks. 
> Last week I awoke to find flood all over my bed and followed the trail of 
> blood 
> drops through the house to Mickey. He had an adenoma on his back leg (which I 
> had not noticed) which burst open. I took him to the vet I currently have and 
> he said normally he would perform surgery to remove it but in Mickey's 
> condition 
> surgery would be dangerous for him. The adenoma had stopped bleeding by now 
> so 
> I said ok. It was fine all week until yesterday and it burst open again. He 
> cannot keep losing blood this way and I was wondering if anyone else had 
> encountered a situation like this. I thought of asking my vet if he would 
> switch Mickey to prednisone to see if that would promote healing. 
> Any suggestions? 
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