I adopted Mickey when he was about 5 months old and found out he was positive 
for felv.  For 8 years he displayed no signs of the virus until last December 
when he fell in the garage about 8 feet and did not land on his feet. Although 
he was not seriously hurt this apparently triggered something with the virus.  
He became lethargic and would not eat.  My vet at the time began a series of 
the immuno regulen shots and after about 3 months began giving them to him 
every two weeks.  

Last week I awoke to find flood all over my bed and followed the trail of blood 
drops through the house to Mickey.  He had an adenoma on his back leg (which I 
had not noticed) which burst open.  I took him to the vet I currently have and 
he said normally he would perform surgery to remove it but in Mickey's 
condition surgery would be dangerous for him.  The adenoma had stopped bleeding 
by now so I said ok.  It was fine all week until yesterday and it burst open 
again.  He cannot keep losing blood this way and I was wondering if anyone else 
had encountered a situation like this.    I thought of asking my vet if he 
would switch Mickey to prednisone to see if that would promote healing.

Any suggestions?

Viky Digangi

Viky Digangi
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Monroe Regional Office
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