Hello,  i don't know about cats, but i had perpherial t cell lymphoma and had 
the same chemotherapy you mentioned plus a couple of others.  none of them did 
anything but make my hemoglobin drop to 3.4.  at the end of 2 or 3 years of 
chemo, stopped treatments, did no good.  then a year later i went into 
remission all on my own.  now 5 years cancer free. i also did vitamins and 
minerals along with the chemo.  oncologist went along with me and even said 
would write prescription if had to go into hospital. if my experience can 
compare, if side effects get too bad, stop treatment.  not worth the suffering. 
 i would try Dr. Susan Maier, a holistic vet and go with vitamin and mineral 
therapy along with the chemo and then if you drop chemo, vitamins will have 
Pupa in better shape than without.    there is another holistic vet someone 
told about.  they do phone consultations.  check with your state veterinarian 
association for local holistic vets.  others have mentioned l lysine, vitamin 
c.  other answers will come .  dorils
---- hebert ferrarezzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> Olá amigos,
> As already told, Pupa (8 years old) was tested FeLV+ in January/2008 and 
> diagnosed with lymploma (large cell type) at the submandibular lymphnode in 
> april. Since then, she has been treated with Staphylococcal Protein A and has 
> recovered very well from severe thrombocytopenia and  neutropenia.  The 
> lymphoma had an apparent short time of remission but returned in a persistent 
> constant slow growth. 
> A chemmo protocol using L-asparaginase+Prednisone was initiated and 
> interrupted after 3 weeks since no effect was noted. A recent 
> ultrasonographic image exam showed a large and encapsulated tumor. 
> Considering that Pupa upholds good red/white BCC, I decided to begin a more 
> aggressive chemmo protocol (COP: cyclophosphamide, vincristine, predinisone) 
> two weeks ago.  
> The response was surprisingly: five days after the first COP session, the 
> tumor reduced to an unstructured mass, and at the eighth day, when the second 
> vincristine injection was done, no sign of it could be founded by touch 
> inspection. The vets were astonished such a rapid remission and we are 
> praying so that thus remains for a long long time. The third chemmo session 
> is to be tomorrow, after checking the results of her new hematological exam.
> My question, I hope you could help me by previous experience or knowledge 
> about, is: 
> Should I have to shorten the protocol or at least reduce the drugs dosage (in 
> order to avoid the side effects that are beginning to appear)?
> Any information will be very welcome,
> Many thanksSincerely...
> Hebert 
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