Thanks again Dorlis. I'll try to make this contact.Pupa now is going well. 
Results of a blood exam this week indicated a discrete fall in the erythrocyte 
and hemoglobin values, well below the minimum reference parameters (yes, this 
must being familiar for you!). Therefore, we decide to interrupt the chemo 
protocol for a time, at least until such undesirable effects have been 
corrected. I start with lysine and vitamin C today.hebert 

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> chemmo for Pupa> > i emailed Dr. Maier and got consultation form . you could 
> contact her at maybe she could help you find a vet in 
> Sao Paulo. worth a try. dorlis> ---- hebert ferrarezzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> wrote: > > I am writing to thank you all. This is really an unique and 
> interesting group. The answers I got for may question about the chemo for 
> Pupa were fairly beyond my expectative. Aside some valuable technical 
> explanations, I also heard one, not less technical, from the patient 
> perspective! That is great! Truly thanks for the attention.> > It’s sure that 
> cats and humans can be compared. That’s scientists do all the time, studding 
> their genes and their virus, using one as a 
> model to the other (in a dual progress).> > Dorlis, I don’t known any 
> holistic veterinary here in São Paulo, but I am trying to be informed about 
> any alternative therapy to my four positive. In this way I’m really indebted 
> to this group mailing and archives and to the felineleukemia page sponsor. 
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