just be sure there is no alternative.  maybe chemo for a few treatments and 
then if too hard for Mickey, stop.  i've been there last year with Shadow and 
Shorty.  i had to put them to sleep within a month of each other.  Shadow had a 
tumor on his spine and he was 18 years old.  by the time we got to Columbia (U 
of MO vet school), the tumor had cut off circulation for 2 long and said he 
would never have use of back legs.  Shorty woke me up screaming.  he was having 
a series of strokes.  drove 90 miles an hour to emergency vet (4am).  did do 
one smart thing, called 911 and told them on way to vet and wasn't stopping for 
tickets, could follow me and give it to me at vet's.  the nice lady asked me 
for color of car, license, said to drive carefully and called ahead to highway 
patrol and other police departments i would be passing thru.  had 2 cars falsh 
their lights at me and motion me on.  people put police down today, but they 
can  be nice people.  Since Shorty was also 18, any treatment might be more 
than he could handle.  never want to hear a cat screaming like that again and 
hate making that decision.  dorlis
---- "Rosenfeldt wrote: 
> Viky, I'm sorry the news wasn't better.  I don't know anything about
> this, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do chemo now that would
> prevent reoccurrence later?  I know chemo is never an easy thing.  Hugs
> to both of you.
> Diane R. 
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> I sent this earlier but I don't think it went through.  I wrote a couple
> of weeks ago that my cat, Mickey, was going to have a growth removed
> from his leg that kept bleeding.  The biopsy came back as malignant
> hemangio sarcoma. Even though it was on the skin and the doctor said he
> was 99% sure he got it all, I have been told that it will probably come
> back in his lungs or heart.  I don't think I want to put him through
> chemo if it does.  I want him to have as many good days as he can.
> Viky Digangi
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