My Buzz had anemia back in July and because of the advise of this group and my 
vet who is very proactive his life was saved.  We have been slowly weaning him 
off of the Prednisolone for the past several months.  He was down to 1/2 of a 
5mg tablet one time a day.  Unfortunately his red blood cell count began to 
drop again.  He is back to his full dose of Prednisolone - 30mg / day.  We will 
wait until the red blood cell count stabilizes and then begin the weaning 
process again.  This time he will also be on Chlorambucil.  Does anyone have 
any experience with this drug or have any other suggestions that may help Buzz? 
 I have an excellent vet who is very open to suggestions and will research any 
possibilities thoroughly.
Buzzy is the love of my life.  He snuggles up with me every single night.  I 
know the people in this group understand more then anyone else what this is 
Thank you,
Sue and Buzzy
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