Your bliss therapy does not sound nuts at all!  When Buzz was so sick in the 
summer time I used to take him out on my deck and give him Reiki treatments.  
Then I would just pet him and love him.  I am SURE that is part of what helped 
him so much at that time.  Unfortunately the deck is not such a pleasant place 
right now.  He probably would not have been able to relax if we were sitting 
out there in the middle of the sleet/rain/snow and wind storm we had last 
night.  I'm glad MeMe was able to be so happy after being so abused.  I just 
can't believe what some people will do.    Buzzy was abused by some inner city 
Cleveland gangs before my brothers wife saved him.  He is still a very nervous 
cat.  The only times he will completely relax and purr are out on the deck and 
in bed at night.  Every time I pass him I reach down and give him a caress 
which he seems to enjoy, but he really dislikes being held.
I will look forward to hearing from Hideyo.  Thank you for all your help.

---- Jane Lyons <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> Hi Sue
> I can ask Hideyo ...hopefully I can get an answer for you tomorrow.
> I hope it is something that can be put into remission, but I am not  
> sure.
> I know how much you care for Buzz and I am sure that he knows that ...
>   a great immune system booster. When Me Me was in the throes of  
> fighting
> a terrible upper respiratory, we used to do 15 minute intervals of  
> bliss therapy
> throughout the day. She loved being combed and she would roll and  
> around and purr
> deeply.... almost vibrate. I know this sounds nuts, but I am sure the  
> sheer pleasure
> of being loved and cared for (she had been thrown from a car window  
> onto the porch of
> a 'shelter' as a kitten) helped her immune system.
> We do everything we can to help them fight this virus. We know that  
> ultimately they are on their
> own path, and that they will let us know when they want to let go.
> Hopefully Hideyo will be able to answer your questions.
> Give Buzz a buzz from us.
> Jane
> On Oct 28, 2008, at 8:02 PM, Sue & Frank Koren wrote:
> > Jane,
> > Thank you for your help.  Buzz is not doing too badly, we caught it  
> > when his
> > blood levels were in the twenties this time.  Last time he was down to
> > eight. We have been testing his blood every other week and I  
> > purchased a pet
> > scale to monitor his weight more closely.
> >  I guess it is Leukeran that he will be on.  That is what the  
> > pharmacies
> > had.  The Chlorambucil must be the generic.  Dr. Tom gives me the  
> > name of
> > the medication and the dosage and lets me call around to the  
> > pharmacies to
> > find the best price.  For 15  2mg tablets of Leuctra the price  
> > ranged from
> > $49.44 to $77.99.
> >  Do you know if they can ever go off of the Leukeran once they are  
> > on it?
> > Is hemolytic anemia something they can beat for good or will it  
> > keep coming
> > back?
> > Thanks again for your help,
> > Sue
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> >
> >
> >> Sue
> >> I talked with Hideyo (former list member) who said that she has heard
> >> of people who have had good results
> >> with Leukeran. She also said to caution you to be patient when going
> >> back on the full strength Predinisole. It sometimes
> >> does not work right away.
> >> Something is wrong with her computer but if she gets up and running
> >> I'll try to connect you.
> >>
> >> Hope Buzz is having a good day.
> >>
> >> Jane

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