Another question.  My kittens tested positive with the ELISA test.  May they 
have their vaccines?  Mom gets tested Friday.  If positive, may she have her 
vaccines?  May she be spayed?

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> Brenda,
> You're an angel for opening your heart and home to
> Spazzy. Thank you on behalf of all homeless kitties, and
> particularly FeLV kitts.
> You've come to the right place for info. 
> My first advice would be to find an informed,
> FeLV-competent vet. While your vet sounds nice, nice
> won't help Spazzy if she's uninformed about FeLV. 
> And it's evident from your email that you are better
> informed than your vet---definitely do not allow her to
> vaccinate Spazzy. Also, keep Spazzy indoors. It stops him
> from spreading the FeLV and prevents him from coming into
> contact with cats that may pass on other illnesses to him. 
> As you already learned, the most important goal is to do
> everything possible to help his immune system. In my
> opinion, if a cat is enjoying life--alert, playing, eating,
> enjoying cuddles etc--there is every reason to help him
> continue to do so.
> To that end, buy the highest quality cat food you can
> afford--ideally, one without by-products, additives or
> preservatives. (Last time I looked, Iams didn't measure
> up). Add 500mg L-Lysine--grind it to a powder--to his food
> morning and night. Add a teaspoon of Anitra Frazier's
> vita-mineral-mix recipe twice a day. (See recipe below.)
> Wholefoods or a health store should have all the
> ingredients, and you can make enough at one time to keep you
> going for weeks. And provide as stress-free an environment
> as you can---lots of attention, cuddles and care goes a long
> way to boosting the immune system.
> Some cats will throw off the virus--one of my 5 FeLV cats
> is now negative. (The others succumbed around the age of 2.)
> The test your vet likely means is an IFA test, to find out
> if the FeLV is in the bone marrow. Once in the bone marrow,
> the FeLV is confirmed, and won't be thrown off.
> Ask her what medication she is referring to--feline
> interferon? Immunoregulin?
> Here's the Vita-Mineral Mix recipe.
> Into the wet food, morning and night, I mix:
> 1 tsp Vita-Mineral Mix which is made up of:
> 1 1/2 cups yeast powder (brewer's yeast, nutritional
> yeast or tarula). (I use nutritional yeast.)
> 1/4 cup kelp powder or 1/4 cup mixed trace mineral powder
> (I found kelp first, so I use that)
> 1 cup lecithin granules
> 2 cups wheat bran
> 2 cups bonemeal.
> Here's another excerpt from the same book---The New
> Natural Cat--A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners, by Anitra
> Frazier-- it's in the Feline Leukemia section on pages
> 326/327):
> "When a positive cat---one carrying the virus--comes
> into contact with a negative cat--one not carrying the
> virus--the negative, but exposed cat may: 
> *not become affected in any way; 
> *become infected (positive), develop immunity, and revert
> again to being negative; 
> *become positive, but not become ill and remain
> positive--thus becoming a new carrier of the virus; 
> *become positive and develop lymphosarcoma, leukemia, or
> other cancer; or 
> *become positive and be ill from the virus infection, much
> like flu; and then recover and remain positive or become
> negative. 
> A positive cat who has not developed cancer can be tested
> again in three months. If he has been treated by an
> experienced veterinary homeopath and put on a high-quality
> diet designed to build general health and strengthen the
> immune system, chances are good that he will have reverted
> to negative. "(my emphasis)
> You will get lots more great advice here. Bless you for
> loving and looking out for Snazzy.
> Kerry M.
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> Hello,
> I recently took in a stray cat that had been hanging around
> my neighborhood for some time. He's such a nice boy and
> I had been feeding him for a few months before I took him
> in. What made me take him in was he became very sick with an
> upper respiratory infection and I had just felt so bad
> because the mucous that was coming from his nose was green,
> not too mention he was having a hard time breathing. I took
> him to my Vet who said he was a very sick kitty, he was
> close to pneumonia treated him with antibiotics and sent us
> home. I was to follow up with vaccinations and a neuter.  He
> did finish his course of antibiotics, and days after I went
> on a family vacation for 10 days. My pet sitter stopped by
> daily to feed my animals, and walk the dogs. I received a
> call from the pet sitter stating she was sorry but the cat
> (Spazzy) had ran past her when she was taking the dogs out.
> I told her not to worry just try calling him and he should
> come back. Well that went
>  on for days and no Spazzy. When I finally got home from
> vacation I was worried about him because he had been gone
> for about a week, I looked around the neighborhood but
> couldn't find him. Well about a month and a half had
> passed one morning while I was heading out the door to work,
> he was sitting at my back door. I was happy to see him, but
> was concerned because it seemed his upper respiratory
> infection was back. I brought him in the house, feed and
> watered him and off to work I went. I called my Vet who was
> booked for the weekend and couldn't see him until
> Monday. I was too concerned to wait so I figured it would be
> best to see a different Vet. Well Mr. Houdini as I like to
> call him (Spazzy) had gotten out. I was heartbroken and
> worried because he was sick . I again searched the
> neighborhood for him but had no luck at finding him. About a
> week had passed and I spotted him while I was walking my
> dogs. I was able to grab him, brought him back home and
>  called the Vet. I took him in the following morning but
> seen a different Vet at the practice. Dr. McGinn had said he
> was sick but she wanted to check for Feline Leukemia because
> where he was treated not that long ago chances are he
> probably did have it. Not too mention he also had ulcers in
> his mouth which she stated is common for cats with feline L.
> Well those 10 minutes were very long just waiting, I hoped
> and prayed it was negative but it turned out he was
> positive. He was seen 10/13/08 was treated with Amoxi drops,
> twice a day until gone. Initially he seemed to be getting
> better, but a week and a half after I noticed he was
> sneezing but this time no mucous was visible just blood. I
> called the Vet's office once they opened, I had
> explained what was going on and was told Dr. McGinn would
> call me back by the end of the day. She did return my call
> and said she's changing his antibiotic to something
> stronger. She put him on Clavimox drops twice a day
>  until gone. She also stated there are new meds for cats
> with feline L. but she would need to research it more before
> she would start using it at her practice. Have any of you
> heard of or maybe your cat is currently using this new
> medication? I guess it helps build the immune system.  He
> started the Clavimox drop Saturday 10/26/08 and he seems to
> be doing better now, no drainage from his eyes, no sneezing
> blood, but still sounds very stuffy. Have any of you
> experienced these types of symptoms with your cats? He's
> gaining weight and thriving but from my understanding they
> can take a turn for the worse at any given time. Also once
> he's better she wants him to get his vaccines, however
> with a compromised immune system will the vaccine's harm
> him? Dr. McGinn seems to be a very caring Vet, but she
> doesn't seem to know too much about Feline L. I have
> done some research on the Internet and found that the Elisa
> test can sometimes produce a false positive,
>  and it can tell what stage the feline L is at. I guess the
> preliminary stage (1) is where the cat has come in contact
> with it, but it's immune system is trying to fight off
> the disease. The secondary stage (2) is yes the cat does
> have it, it's gone past the cat's immune system
> fighting the disease and has moved into the cats bone
> marrow. Well Dr. McGinn stated the only way to find that out
> is by doing a bone marrow biopsy. The different websites
> I've viewed never stated that just that the Elisa test
> was able to determine what stage the cat was at. Have any of
> you ever heard of such a thing? At this point I don't
> know if I should keep trying to treat the sickness every
> time they appear, or if I should end all suffering for
> Spazzy and have him euthanized. I don't want him to
> suffer, and I feel by my keeping him around is being selfish
> because I love him. Is there anything I can do to help boost
> his immune system? The Vet recommended feeding him Iam's
>  which he is now on. But is there something more I can do
> for him? 
> I'm sorry this is such a long email but I thought it
> was best to start from the beginning so everyone could see
> the whole picture. 
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