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i respectfully disagree.

asymptomatic FeLVs are not sick cats. every sanctuary or multi-cat
will gell you that until the virus is activated, FeLVs are just normal
cats--they get sick, they get treated, they get well. in sanctuary
FeLVs are kept with other FeLVs, in all stages of sickness and health.
FeLV kills through opporunistic infections as well as lymphomas and
manifestations, if the healthy FeLVs in the populations were seriously
immune-compromised, each time one of them went into their final battle,
the others would get sick as well and be unable to fight off the
of new infections.

this does not happen. if you have two FeLVs in the house and one becomes
ill, why doesn't the other, "sick" cat, immediately succumb? this is
misunderstanding, i truly believe, from vets who haven't bothered to
keep up
on the research, and/or to adequately educate their patients.

let me tell you, however, if you've ever seen a cat die of
you won't ever want it to happen again.

there are ALWAYS risks in using ANY drug, and while there have certainly
been reactions to vaccines throughout time, the way to counter our
over-vaccinated society isn't necessarily to stop doing them at all.

a symptomatic cat is sick; it may not have a thing to do with the FeLV,
an asymptomatic cat being sick because it may have FeLV, is like saying
all of us who had chicken pox are sick, because we've got that herpes
just waiting to break out into herpes.

(haven't you missed me?)

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> Sally, I personally would not vaccinate a positive cat. See Jean
> and Charles Loop's (both vets) views here. (The paragraph below is
> from the website.) Kerry M.
> >>>All packages of vaccinations carry warnings that they should be
> injected only in healthy animals. In the case of cats, vaccine
> manufacturers advise against vaccinating pregnant or nursing cats.
> However, many pets are not healthy when vaccinated although they might
> not have outward signs of health problems. Charles Loops, DVM, a
> holistic veterinarian from Pittsboro, North Carolina, notes that
> "chemically killed viruses or bacteria are injected directly into the
> blood stream, which is an unnatural route of infection." (7) This
> the animal's antibodies to attempt to fight off the offending virus
> molecules and render them harmless. If the animal's immune system is
> weakened, he or she cannot fight off these viruses and can develop a
> reaction to the vaccine. Even small amounts of a virus that is
> introduced through a vaccination may be too much for sick animals to
> fight off. They then may fall ill from the very disease to which they
> have been vaccinated.<<<
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> Another question.  My kittens tested positive with the ELISA test.
> they have their vaccines?  Mom gets tested Friday.  If positive, may
> have her vaccines?  May she be spayed?
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