no, not paranoid.  i at least call my vet when i notice something new and in 
this case, would probably take him in just to be sure.  better to go in and 
catch something in early stages than wait.  so people think you are nuts, that 
is their problem.  dorlis
---- catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> Hi all,
>   I know many of you have had experience with fip.  My cat sneaker has 
> chronic herpes (vet thinks that's what it is.)  he has difficulty breathing, 
> but his lungs are clear. We've medicated him to no avail.  And he is 
> semiferal and hard to pill, much less use a nebulizer or anything.   Anyway, 
> I've noticed he seems to have gained weight in his belly.  Would a cat that 
> is over 10 years old harbor fip all that time?  Wouldn't he act sicker if 
> that's what it was?  I've got a crf cat so I've been feeding more wet food.  
> So I guess it could just be weight gain...... but it's a FAT tummy.  Am I 
> being paranoid.  When he breathes through his nose it sounds like he has a 
> cold.  There is no sneezing and he has no eye discharge or anything.
>   thanks in advance for any ideas.
>   tonya
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