That's why I'm thinking it's not fip.  This has been going on over a year (the 
breathing difficulty).  The weight gain only for a few months.  I would think 
he would have to show some other symptoms and be sicker than the breathing 
problem if it's fip, but he does have a fat belly.........
  thank you!

Kelley Saveika <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Well, it isn't a matter of harboring FIP. FIP is a mutation of coronavirus,
which many/most cats, especially those who have been through kill shelters,
have been exposed to at one time or another. Most cats can carry
coronavirus throughout their lives with no ill effects. There is no way to
tell in which cats the virus will mutate. Cats who live in single cat
households generally clear the virus over time, with multiple cat

Wet food does not typically cause weight gain, if anything it would cause
weight loss.

There is a test which MC will probably remember the name of that can rule
out FIP. Most vets do not know about it. If the cat does indeed have wet
FIP, the prognosis is very poor and the time frame is short, but I do think
a lot of vets use FIP as a diagnosis when they don't really know what is

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