I think it's important to share a kitty's story when he or she passes --
at other times too, of course, but particularly then.  It gives the
bereaved some closure, it celebrates the kitty's life and tells people
just how unique that one little furball really was.   

The listmom on another list -- some of you know Gesine -- thinks it's
very important to tell a kitty its own story occasionally, and in times
of crisis like illness or the kitty coming to the end of its time.

Diane R.

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Thank you all for your kind words and to those who still struggle with
kitties, I know how hard it is and how hopeful you all are.  This board
continues to help with an incredible wealth of very practical down to
info...  It was because of all of you that I knew instantly what the vet
saying when she said lymphoma.  I knew the options and possibilities and
could ask the right questions and could make an informed decision when I
needed to.  


Romeo's story is not unique==I really posted it for all those who are
getting into the FELV world-for them to know that no matter what, its
worth it.  I found myself smiling tonight as I thought about all those
things he did-I don't think he was ever allowed to be a kitten and he
up for it as he got older-he loved playing just like little kittens do.
matter the worry or the cost, giving him that opportunity was worth it
whether he stayed 5 years or 5 months or 5 days.  


Christiane Biagi



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