I'm so sorry to hear about your little Gray Kitty! When our cat Parker died 
earlier this month, I found out about
LTCI afterwards. I wondered if I would have known about it sooner if I could 
have given him this medicine to help him.
He was severely anemic towards the end with no red blood cells. From what you 
are indicating, it may get to a point
with the illness where it's too late, huh? 

  I wish you the best with the precious time you have left with your little 
one. It certainly makes you appreciate the
time you have together, I'm sure. I recently made a picture book (using my 
laptop & digital photos) in memoriam to Parker.
It was my special way of honoring him and whenever I look at it it's a mixed 
bag of emotions (sadness that he's gone,
but happiness at the good memories we formed). I don't know if you have taken 
many pictures of your Gray Kitty, but it
may help later to have all of those memories in picture form to look back and 
reminisce. Take care. 


We have been using LTCI on our little Gray Kitty.  However, since his diagnosis 
on September 6 of this year, the disease has progressed to his bone marrow.  At 
this point we are not sure if anything will help him.  We have not run into 
another situation such as ours.  We took in a stray pregnant female in 2007, 
which tested negative for the FelV.  She had 3 male kittens, which we all kept. 
 Our Gray Kitty is the only one that has been diagnosed with the FelV.  The 
other two test negative.  Also Gray Kitty is the only one with the B type 
blood.  We are so puzzled, shocked, and very saddened that he has come down 
with this disease.  We know our time with him is so very precious. Amber,

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