Wow! I didn't know that FeLV cats could live as long as your cats have! 
That's amazing. As you've stated, you never really know how long you'll have 
with them. 
What cute names you've chosen for your felines! I don't know if I mentioned it 
before, but I got my second cat (that died recently) from our vet as well. They 
rescued him and suggested that I may want to take him in because I already had 
a FeLV positive cat. They were just as upset as I was when Parker passed away. 
My vet buried him in his yard and got him a headstone. He was one loved kitty!

   I do plan on taking in another positive someday (hopefully sooner rather 
than later!). I need a little bit more time to adjust to the loss of Parker, 
but want to rescue another one. I've been looking at this group's adoption page 
as well as Petfinder (under "special needs" cats) to see what next cat may need 
my help. Thanks again for your support and response. 

  Take care,

Welcome to the group.  I'm sorry for your loss, but thank you for taking in 
positive cats. 
Unfortunately with this disease you just never know when or if they are ever 
going to get sick from the felv.  
I have a 10 year old positive here with me as I type right now.  My first 
positive died around 8 years old.  
Others have lived lives into the high teens.  The bad thing about it is that 
when it hits, it can hit fast, as you have discovered.  
I don't know about the new med.s.  My cat is asymptomatic, so I don't give her 
any medicines, additives, etc.... just a good diet and
 a stress free (as possible) environment.  My girl DD was left at my vet's 
office and my vet talked me into taking her because 
I already had a positive cat.  Vet's call dropped off animals "door dumps"  and 
I named her DD because my first positive cat was CC (because I found her living 
behind a coke machine).   DD RULES my house.  Your positive cat could have many 
years ahead of her.  I hope you'll consider
 taking in another positive.  :)
  thank you!

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