when it comes to keeping track of blood/urine, i found a great litter box that 
makes it easy to check for this.  it comes in 3 pieces.  top which has 
safflower seed in it (like you feed the birds).  the urine drains thru a 2nd 
layer which is slanted all sides to a hole where it drains into a collection 
box.  a lady invented it for her diabetic cat to make testing easier on her and 
her cat.  it is called Smart Cat Box.  don't have web address handy, but smart 
cat box should get you there.  is a bit pricey ($60.00 including shipping), but 
i think worth it.  goint to get 2nd one for Annie.  was able to see Homie's 
urine was a bit dark, poured fresh sample into clean pill bottle, took to vet 
and found had a trace of blood so she is now on clavamox .  this way, can stop 
something before it gets too bad.  dorlis
---- Dawn Morrison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> The vet dentist had never seen blood in the urine after coming to - and he's 
> been doing this for 20+ years. He really specializes in just dental work so 
> he asked another vet on call and they thought perhaps she might have a UTI or 
> perhaps she has or had a stone which passed thus why there was a little 
> blood. He said it wasn't a lot but it concerned him because he'd never seen 
> it before. A lot or a little is concern for me.
> She was already going to be on Amoxy so he said to just keep an eye on her 
> for the next couple days. She's also on buprenex for pain and she was on 
> Medicam for inflammation (which after reading up on the Medicam I wish I 
> hadn't give her the 2 doses I did) I wonder if the buprenex and/or amoxy are 
> causing her to lose her appetite as well. She must be in some discomfort, I 
> know I would be.
> I tried a/d yesterday and she only licked twice and was done. 
> This morning, after trying 4 different flavors, someone suggested syringe 
> feeding her. So I mixed some of the a/d with water and gave her some that 
> way - she didn't even fight with me about doing it. I didn't give her a lot 
> since I didn't really know how much would be too much/too little. A few hours 
> later I pureed some Sheba mixed with water - she was watching me do it so I 
> put a bowl with some of that down and she ate 1-2 tablespoons of that. I'm 
> just happy she ate something. Now if I can just get her to drink some water 
> but I figured if I keep mixing whatever food I give her with water, 
> hopefully, that will be enough to keep her hydrated. Thank you for asking 
> what KMR was, I didn't know either but think I might give that a try as well. 
> A few people now have suggested the juice from tuna so I'll probably pick 
> some of that up tomorrow and give that  try too.  It's just horrible when they
>  don't want to eat. I go back to work tomorrow so she'll be on her own all 
> day. I plan on leaving at least a few bowls of wet food for her and hopefully 
> she'll have eaten something when I get home.
> Thanks for all your suggestions, I really appreciate it.
> Dawn
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