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> Grab the kleenex, people!  I dare you to read and not weep.....the television 
> program is in my TVO forever and the day it was first viewed I cried for an 
> hour.  But then, you know how emotional I am, anyway.  Let me know how you 
> reacted.
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> Editor WantedBellaOnline's Animal Life EditorEagles, Communication, Love and 
> Beyond 
> Guest Author - Samantha BlackEvery once in a while, I come across something 
> so extraordinary that it soars on the wings of eagles. This is such a story, 
> told by my new friend and guest author, Jeff Guidry. This is Jeff's story. 
> Freedom and Jeff Freedom and I have been together 10 years this summer. She 
> came in as a babyin 1998 with two broken wings. Her left wing doesn't open 
> all the way evenafter surgery, it was broken in 4 places. She's my baby. When 
> Freedom came in she could not stand. Both wings were broken, her leftwing in 
> 4 places. She was emaciated and covered in lice. We made thedecision to give 
> her a chance at life, so I took her to the vet's office.From then on, I was 
> always around her. We had her in a huge dog carrierwith the top off, and it 
> was loaded up with shredded newspaper for her tolay in. I used to sit and 
> talk to her, urging her to live, to fight; andshe would lay there looking at 
> me with those big brown eyes. We also had totube feed her for weeks. This 
> went on for 4-6 weeks, and by then she still couldn't stand. It got tothe 
> point where the decision was made to euthanize her if she couldn't standin a 
> week. You know you don't want to cross that line between torture andrehab, 
> and it looked like death was winning. She was going to be put downthat 
> Friday, and I was supposed to come in on that Thursday afternoon. Ididn't 
> want to go to the center that Thursday, because I couldn't bear thethought of 
> her being euthanized; but I went anyway, and when I walked ineveryone was 
> grinning from ear to ear. I went immediately back to her cage;and there she 
> was, standing on her own, a big beautiful eagle. She wasready to live. I was 
> just about in tears by then. That was a very goodday. We knew she could never 
> fly, so the director asked me to glove train her. Igot her used to the glove, 
> and then to jesses, and we started doingeducation programs for schools in 
> western Washington. We wound up in thenewspapers, on radio (believe it or 
> not) and some TV. Miracle Pets even dida show about us. In the spring of 
> 2000, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I hadstage 3, which is not 
> good (one major organ plus everywhere), so I wound updoing 8 months of chemo. 
> Lost the hair - the whole bit. I missed a lot ofwork. When I felt good 
> enough, I would go to Sarvey and take Freedom outfor walks. Freedom would 
> also come to me in my dreams and help me fight thecancer. This happened time 
> and time again. Fast forward to November 2000, the day after Thanksgiving, I 
> went in for mylast checkup. I was told that if the cancer was not all gone 
> after 8 roundsof chemo, then my last option was a stem cell transplant. 
> Anyway, they didthe tests; and I had to come back Monday for the results. I 
> went in Monday,and I was told that all the cancer was gone. Yahoo! So the 
> first thing I did was get up to Sarvey and take the big girl out fora walk. 
> It was misty and cold. I went to her flight and jessed her up, andwe went out 
> front to the top of the hill. I hadn't said a word to Freedom,but somehow she 
> knew. She looked at me and wrapped both her wings around meto where I could 
> feel them pressing in on my back (I was engulfed in eaglewings), and she 
> touched my nose with her beak and stared into my eyes, andwe just stood there 
> like that for I don't know how long. That was a magicmoment. We have been 
> soul mates ever since she came in. This is a veryspecial bird. On a side 
> note: I have had people who were sick come up to us when we areout, and 
> Freedom has some kind of hold on them. I once had a guy who wasterminal come 
> up to us and I let him hold her. His knees just about buckledand he swore he 
> could feel her power course through his body. I have somany stories like 
> that. I never forget the honor I have of being so closeto such a magnificent 
> spirit as Freedom's. Hope you enjoy this. Jeff Jeff Guidry and FreedomSarvey 
> Wildlife CenterFreedom is 3½ years old in the second photograph below. 
> Remarkably, she molted when Jeff was going through his ordeal, then, after 8 
> months of chemo, Freedom sprouted her new feathers at the same time Jeff 
> regrew his hair. Freedom & Jeff share a bond that’s incredibly strong and 
> undeniable. For Jeff to fall so deeply in love with Freedom from the moment 
> she arrived; broken, riddled with lice and literally on death’s door - 
> willing her to live, loving her, sitting with her, talking with her, giving 
> her the courage to stand and live is nothing short of the kind of commitment 
> most people will never know. But for Freedom to reciprocate in kind – even 
> coming to Jeff in his dreams during what had to be the most challenging time 
> of his life - is a premiere example of the kind of heart-tugging love that 
> builds an indestructible bridge between our species and gives us a glimpse of 
> what can be. And if you can believe Freedom and Jeff’s story, showcasing 
> their respective commitment and unyielding love, then it isn’t a giant leap 
> to believing that all animals are capable of love, joy, bonding, 
> disappointment, hope, grief, depression, happiness and yes, crossing that 
> indestructible bridge to communicate with us. CREDITS: Story reprinted with 
> permission from Jeff Guidry.PHOTOS: Freedom & Jeff (top photo) by Anne Chase 
> Photography, Woodinville, WAFreedom & Jeff 2000 & 2001 by Ceal KightThis site 
> needs an editor - click to learn more! 
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