Kerry, Diane R. and Gloria,
    Thanks so much for the kind condolences.  I feel terrible that I have not 
kept up with the list very well lately.  You guys have always been there for 
me.  I hope all your kitties are doing pretty well and all your loved ones, fur 
and skin.

    I lost my epileptic lab mix, Shaft, age 12, the week before I lost Woodgie, 
so it was an awful time there.  Still hurting but you guys know how it is, so 
hard on the hearts of we who love animals.  

Anne and recent angels Grey, Shaft and Woodgie
P.S. Sophie is doing great, though!   For those who remember her, the little 
tortie who had her rectum destroyed by a careless vet.  So many of you 
wonderful people were there for her and me and donated, too, for her repair.  
P.P.S.  I had to go onsite to read the messages, strange how I can't read them 
via email anymore, or at least easily.  
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